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Do well better.

Diversified Multinational Group of Businesses

A Family-First Global Conglomerate

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To deliver happiness and positive impact in all that we do.


Covid-19 is a Wake-Up Call. It's (Not) Business As Usual anymore. Our vision is to grow into a top impact-driven group by acquiring A+ grade brands in sectors of interest.

Grow Your Vision with Us

Mak Ventures Group is an impact-driven, family-first global conglomerate that seeks out A+ established companies with a legacy to protect and a strong potential for growth. Our mission is to not only bring these businesses to the next level of success, but also to focus on important issues such as sustainability, corporate culture, and social responsibility.

We believe in creating a better corporate culture for the next generation, shifting the focus from just profitability and shareholder value to a more balanced, holistic approach that prioritizes caring for the world we live in and providing impact to those who are in distress, vulnerable, and poor. At the heart of everything we do is a commitment to promoting happiness and wellness for all.

As a global conglomerate, we are dedicated to making positive impact in all areas of our business. We acquire companies with the intention of preserving their legacy while ensuring their continued growth and success. Our focus on sustainability means that we prioritize environmentally friendly practices and work to minimize our carbon footprint. And our commitment to social responsibility means that we seek to make a positive impact in the lives of those who are most in need.

Through our work, we hope to create a better world for future generations, where businesses prioritize impact and sustainability, and where happiness and wellness are at the forefront of all endeavors.

Investment Sectors

Education & Online Learning

Education & Online Learning

Green Energy

Green Energy & Waste Management



Biotech & Healthcare

Biotech, Healthcare & Wellness

Consumer Goods & Retail

Consumer Goods & Re-tail

Media & Broadcasting

Media & Broadcasting

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