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Mak Ventures International is a leading impact-focused investment and consultancy firm that backs outstanding brands with global aspiration and standing.


Our longer term goal (5-10 years) is to build a sustainable growth and development fund that would reach the size of US$10 billion AUM.  In measuring impact, we target to feed up to 100 million people, reaching those who are hungry and malnourished.

We seek strong established companies with high growth industry potential.  Alongside their founders, we provide our full support and earn their trust to work with our team's expertise.  Our goal is to build sustainability, create condusive growth environment and make measurable impact for the betterment of the world we live in.


Vision and Values drives everything we do.

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Executive Chairman and Managing Partner

Alan has over 10 years of valuable experience in Business Management and currently a business performance coach and published author.  Alan runs his group of SME's and Private Equity/Market Fund. He is the founder of Mak Ventures International and actively involved in charities and making impacts.  


BOA & Accounts

Gary has 10 years of valuable experience in Business Management functions and 20 years of extensive experience in Finance and Controlling functions in various multinational environments in Asia Pacific Region. Gary acquired a good track record in business management and F&A with knowledge of sales & marketing, taxation, government regulations, financial development and business culture in the region. Gary serves as a member of the Board of Advisor (on Financial Control).


BOA & Finance

Stephen has over 28 years of investment management experience alongside award winning performance from Malaysia’s Securities Commission. He has broad knowledge on various financial instruments and investment products, and has produced some of the Top 10 performing dealers and remisiers in the country. He consults as member of the Board of Advisor (on Corporate Finance, M&A and IPO matters).

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