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Business Masterclass

Your Business Success Starts with the Right Vision

Transform your business journey with Coach Alan Mak


Why I Started


I was blessed with great mentorship throughout my business career.  Owning and running a business can be lonely and challenging, and without the right support and help it is easy to fail along the way.  I wish to be that gap or bridge to bring you to greater success.

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My Story

My passion is derived from working with other driven and passionate founders who have a vision to build great businesses that can make a difference in the world we live in.  

I have spent over 15 years of my life being an entrepreneur and gained a multitude of management and consultancy experience from all business sizes, including owning over 15 businesses in my journey so far.

Having also studied at University of Oxford, I am delighted to share my experience of the latest ideas and concepts of the business world, especially what one does not learn even from the best business schools out there.

I belief in the duty of every entrepreneur of serving the wider community we live in.  Ultimately its about giving back to the ones who are less fortunate than us.  

Coaching Programs

I will radically change your mindset and belief of business success to know what it means to serve and be of value to others.  To solve key problems and needs.  Once we established the core basic, then we shall identify ways of growth and scale.  

Business Launch

Six Month Plan

(Exclusive program with Avalynn Academy)

Having a vision and plan is important to get a launch right.  We will go through a program to create a plan which will help sustain the business for its early years, while identify the 'Big Why' of the business function and founder's goals.

Growth Training

18 Month Plan

Growth is an inevitable process.  Like a well cared plant, growing is nature's duty (provided the environment is right).  Both a science and art, we are here to impart wisdom and knowledge that has worked while creating new strategies to embrace the future and technology.

M&A Road Map

3 to 5 Years Plan

This is one of the most powerful process of exponential growth.  Whether done organically without M&A, even the power of compounding and improvements brings any companies to the next level of success.  With a proper vision and plan, building an empire is a 'right' for all entrepreneurs.

Success Stories

"Alan's guidance have left us thinking beyond just setting up but to create a long-term sustainable venture as I risk leaving behind my careers to pursue our dream start-up (despite Covid times)."

Jimmy Gray, UK

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